On Getting Cynical

Photo: The back of a delivery truck on local market day that reads:”Liguey Guem Sa Bop” (translated from Wolof as, “Work & Do Your Head Well.” I’m taking this to mean “Work Hard… Continue reading

Exhaled as What She Lived

Photo: A friend of mine whose “touch” I’ve been missing, and who I will always feel connected to. Is connection easier to come by in a world where the phones aren’t smart and… Continue reading

What I’m Thinking About This 4th of July

In my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer I have learned that this job is actually several jobs in one. While I came here thinking I would be a farmer, a gardener, and… Continue reading


4:50 AM: I hear a knock on my door and my friend tells me to come eat boiled grain, sugar, and yogurt. Usually I love this dish, but my stomach is still asleep… Continue reading

Husbands & High School

I am 22 years old. I am young. I plan to work lots of different jobs, I’ll fall in love and probably get married, I’ve only been 21 for a year (think of… Continue reading

Hey Ma

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I wanted to highlight the women in my life here that have Mom-ed me, as well as share some times I’ve Mom-ed others.   My host mom:… Continue reading

A Poisonous Start to April

  I wake up to the sound of the chickens next door squawking for their breakfast and my eyes open to the view of my mosquito net covered in a fresh batch of… Continue reading

Nu Dem (Let’s Go)

Title: Nu dem (we are going) Photo: A mini-bus in the Tambacounda garage “Please don’t poop, please don’t poop, please don’t poop,” I chant aloud on my way back home from a day trip to… Continue reading

February in Photos

Throughout February I have been up to things other than hanging out in Koussanar eating mayonnaise sandwiches, sweating in the pre-hot season weather, and chatting with women’s gardening groups.  Rather than write out… Continue reading

The Perpetual Guest

I have been living in my site for 2 months and I feel as though my time as a guest should be dwindling. I have come to learn things about Koussanar that the… Continue reading